Your skins appearance is way more than skin deep. You need to nourish for your skin to flourish. Before you don make-up and even before serums and oils. When you live life to the fullest you want to be able to bounce out of bed with a fresh-faced complexion which glows from within. These are the top skin foods we eat up to achieve glowing skin.





Easing you in with the most accessible skin food (or drink) H20! If you’re dehydrated your skin will be too, the most visible signs of this will be dark circles under your eyes. If this sounds familiar you should be aiming to drink at least 2 litres of water per day.



Think flax and chia seeds to keep your skin flake free and super smooth. Chia actually has more omegas gram for gram than oily fish like salmon making them a great addition to a plant-based diet. Try starting your day with a simple chia pudding with one of our Plenish nut m*lks for another hit of healthy fats.

Find our apple + vanilla chia bircher recipe here.



You’ve heard it a million times but eating your 10 a day really does wonders, especially the green. Think, greens = goals! Getting your recommended daily amounts of green vegetables will not only keep breakouts at bay but will get you on your way to glowing from the inside out. This is because dark leafy greens contain antioxidants to fight free radicals (aging culprits) and minerals like Vitamin A, C and K which work to renew skin cells.

Hit your 10 a day in one swoop with our Fuel Juice which has a whopping 1kg of organic produce in each bottle.



Your Vit C hit! Lemons are packed full of Vitamin C so don’t be shy about adding squeeze into every glass of water. Vitamin C helps with the regeneration of collagen production, this is what maintains skins elasticity and keeps skins looking young. You should be aiming for between 65-90mg of Vitamin C daily.

Pick up a bottle of our Shield juice and you’ll be half way there with 45mg in each bottle.



It doesn’t matter if you crunch them, sprinkle them or drink them, nuts are a great addition to your diet when it comes to boosting your skin health. Almonds (like the almonds found in your Plenish Almond m*lk) are rich in copper, a mineral you need to produce collagen and a protein keeps skin plump.






If you tend to break out in spots on your cheeks, dairy might be the reason, along with other factors including stress and allergies. As well as breakouts and in some cases acne, dairy has also been found to create tiny white bumps on the skins surface. This is related to the hormones in milk reacting with the hormones in your own body.



The sweet stuff definitely won’t help when it comes to break outs. Especially refined sugars which cause a spike in blood sugar which releases a burst of inflammation throughout the body. I know you’ve heard that inflammation is to be avoided but you might not know why? This is because inflammation causes the breakdown of our skins precious collagen levels reducing your skin elasticity.



Yep coffee and alcohol included, all the fun stuff, right? The good news and key word here is ‘moderation’.  An excess of stimulants will put your adrenal glands of whack, making them release cortisol (the stress hormone) potentially resulting in increased aging.



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