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Alexandra Dudley,  founder of artisan superseed company Punch Foods.

Artist, yoga lover and all round foodie, Alexandra created Punch Foods out of a need for a healthy snack that genuinely tasted delicious! All with the highest integrity – 100% Organic, Gluten & Dairy free, and suitable for Vegans. Now at the ripe age of 26 she is running her own company and has just taken on her first full time employee!


  1. What’s your recipe for success? Literally a recipe, when you know you need to go out and crush it!

It changes depending on my mood and the weather but I would probably say starting my day with a good breakfast. I am currently really enjoying having my chia and flax pudding, topped with some berries and a good handful of my Superseeds. I usually go for the Coconut Brownie ones on important days as the cacao gives me a real energy boost. I’ll chase this with a green juice. The Plenish FUEL juice is a favorite. I generally like my green juices ‘mean’ although I must say I find these lovely so it hits the spot perfectly.

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2 tbls Chia seeds
1 tbls Flax seed
Almong M*lk
Coconut Brownie Superseeds

Soak seeds in Almond M*lk
Warmed on the hob
Topped with some berries and a good handful of my Superseeds

  1. What technology or app can’t you live without?

Citymapper! Although I know London pretty much like the back of my hand and walk all over the place I find it really useful for working out how long it will take me to get everywhere and use it a lot for directing others too.


  1. Greatest work related achievement?

So far, probably hiring a full time employee. Running a start-up solo is pretty scary but for most of us, it is all we can do for a while. Hiring Sophie has been a huge huge help. She is brilliant and has made life at Punch Foods even more exciting.

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  1. What are you working on at the moment?

We’ve got some really exciting events coming up this year and I’ll be hosting some more supper and breakfast clubs.  I’ve just started a youtube channel where I’m posting recipes and tips for the kitchen. Subscribe now!


  1. What drives you to be successful?

I think it’s the desire to make a difference. Even if it’s the littlest thing, if I can help motivate people to look after their bodies better and think a little more about preserving the world we live in then I’ll be happy. The big achievements are obviously wonderful but it’s the personal emails I receive from people really loving the product or a recipe that drives me the most.
We’ve just scored a national listing too which is still quite mind-blowing. I don’t want to give it all away yet but I am one step closer to my dream. The next step is going one step further and securing a multiple like Waitrose or Sainsburys. The dream is for the Superseeds to really be available for all.


Squeeze of lime (or lemon)
Himalayan sea salt
Cracked black pepper
Chilli Smoke Superseeds

Mash it all together with a fork and spread over some toasted sourdough, rye or gluten free toast.
Finally sprinkle with a good hand full of chilli smoke superseeds for a fiery hit!

  1. Top tip for staying healthy on the go?

That’s easy – always pack snacks and preferably Superseeds. I feel lucky to have such an unlimited supply as I do get through them. The little tubes are perfect for on the go and so convenient. I generally always have a tube of Maca Caramel and Japanese Tamari in my bag so that I can just nab a handful when I am feeling peckish. Also – water. I drink heaps but often find it difficult to cart around such large bottles of water when on the go. Tap water, especially in London, is nasty stuff so when I know I am out and about all day and at the mercy of tap water I carry my charcoal water bottle. I bought it from Black and Blum’s Box Apetit range and it’s brilliant. It looks a little odd with a piece of charcoal in it but charcoal is a great way to filter out chlorines and nasty impurities. I’m also a fan of the packed lunch mainly because I just prefer what I make at home. This will always be full of bright and vibrant veggies with some good protein. I will usually treat myself to a decent and nourishing smoothie or nut milk too.



  1. Favorite workout?

Yoga or walking. I feel quite out of sorts when I haven’t practised yoga in a while. I practise quite a bit at home and try to meditate daily but I really love the energy in a strong vinyasa flow class. There is something so invigorating about practising alongside others, following the same challenging motions and rhythm. I walk a lot and adore just dreamily making my way across London. It’s a great stress reliever too and allows me to think clearly which is especially useful if there is an issue at work or its been a bit of a stressful day.I love the Power Yoga Company and Cloudia Hill is one of my favourite. Adam Raffy is also wonderful but all of the teachers there are brilliant and have their own style. All of the classes are relatively fast paced but there is a heavy emphasis in dedicating your practise to someone and focusing on aligning the breathe with the body. For me its the perfect way to connect and really energises my day.
For spinning I love psycle although I have just started going to Core Collective and I love it.


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