For all the career crushers and busy people out there, you know you not only have your ambition set on your career but on your complete lifestyle including your health and fitness. To optimise your time to reach your goals we asked Plenish fitness expert Chiara Pellegrino to share her insights into how ambitious people crush their workouts.

There is nothing to be ashamed of in training for an outcome, whether that’s to change the way you feel, to increase your strength mentally or physically. If you are ambitious by nature I don’t doubt you will want an outcome from your training session, that could translate in the form of creating ab definition, maintaining your fitness or an endorphin boost. For these individuals, the time they dedicate to training is non-negotiable.

Take myself for instance, I currently work at Third Space, run my business on the side, fit in a personal life and training for my own goals. The hour, or even half an hour, I dedicate to myself and my fitness is what keeps me sane. Of course, I have my body goals and I want to look in a certain way, but my current training is all about an energy boost and a clear mind which helps me crush the rest of my day.

From personal experience, all the driven people I’ve met over the years have three things in common – they are all organised, time poor, and train smart.

Here are my three top tips for tips to maximising these ambitious traits to get the most out of your training;


Pick a day when you can update your schedule for the week ahead. Input all your meetings, working hours and appointments (even with friends) into your calendar, then pick an hour a day that you can dedicate to your workout. Remember these are not negotiable, think of them like a meeting for your career, would you reschedule? If you are hitting the gym solo schedule what type of training you’ll do and when, cardio, HIIT, resistance, upper-body, lower-body, whatever gets you towards your fitness goals. If fitness classes are your preference, book all your classes for the week ahead and don’t be tempted to cancel. Try to make sure to have a nice mix of cardio and resistance and mind body workouts. If you do only one type of training it might sway you to cancel your commitment.


Plan, if you get to the gym without direction you will waste your time wondering around aimlessly. Download a plan or make your own to streamline your trip to enhance efficiency. If you have a personal trainer, even better. They will be there to spur you on or make you a written plan to stick at for best results. For efficiency and motivations, classes are your go to, and with cancelations fees this can be an extra reason to make sure you attend everything on your calendar.


Try to understand what you need to do to be able to achieve your goals, mentally or physically. If you want to lose weight, try to incorporate high intensity cardio training. If you want to build muscle mass, focus on hypertrophy (strength training) and cut down on cardio. If you train to feel good, be conscious of that go for it! For specific results, as you see a specialist for an outcome as work, book a consultation with a reliable and qualified professional trainer. Tell them your goals so they can create guidelines and a unique journey for you to follow.


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