Holy crepe, these hazelnut + cacao pancakes are flipping great! They have a delicious Nutella-esque taste from our nutty hazelnut milk and a healthy dose of cacao.

Serves 4, gluten free, dairy free, refined sugar free


1 cup of Plenish hazelnut milk (add more or less depending on how thick you like your pancakes)
2 free range eggs For a vegan option, mix 2 tsp of chia with 4 tsp water and leave to soak until a jell-like consistency forms
2 tbsp of cacao
1 cup of almond or buckwheat flour
1 tsp organic coconut oil

Optional toppings;
Chopped hazelnuts
Natural + chocolate coconut yoghurt
Berries of choice


+ Mix all of the dry ingredient together
+ Whisk in the 2 eggs or construct your chia
+ Slowly fold in the milk until fully combined
+ Grease the pan with coconut oil
+ Once the pan is hot poor in the mixture with a ladle
+ Wait for the pancake to start to bubble, flip and leave to cook for another minute
+ Repeat using up all of the mixture
+ Finally it’s time for toppings, we love coconut yoghurt, nuts and berries!

Pick up a carton of out organic hazelnut milk here.
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