Experience the power of embracing mornings to get more out of your day.

  1. Rise Early

The mornings are a distraction-free zone, do you hear your phone ringing? No! That is because everyone else is probably sleeping. This is the perfect time to get into your groove and press on. The good news is that if you are a not a naturally early riser you can train yourself over time to wake up earlier.

  1. Tackle Your Most Challenging Task First

Think how much easier your day would look if you could say that by 7.30am you had finished your hardest task? Your day will be more successful and your mindset will be more positive knowing you have already tackled that specific task. You will feel productive, positive and powerful for the rest of the day!

  1. Make Time For Growth

Stuck for things to do first thing in the morning? Set aside some time just for you for some personal growth: listen to a motivating podcast, meditate, read, set your goals for the day, use the time to envision your next move. Putting yourself first, making your mornings quiet and focussing on self development will make you feel prepared for the hustle ahead and like you can conquer anything.

  1. Exercise First Thing

Crush your workout goals. Choose to wake up and exercise first thing, the extra oxygen will fuel your brain and your mind will thank you for it. We already know that the benefits of exercise include increased cognitive function, a better memory, lower stress and a sharper mind. Plus the adrenaline kick will ensure you are productive for the rest of the day.

  1. Eat To Fuel Your Mind

Drink at least two glasses of water first thing to rehydrate your brain after a water-free night. After that, make yourself a protein fuelled breakfast with slow-release carbohydrates to help you function at peak performance until lunchtime or a nutrient-packed smoothie. You need the energy to tackle that challenging task first thing remember?

  1. Clear Out The Clutter

Allow yourself a ten to twenty minute period to clear out the clutter in your inbox, reply to any urgent personal messages and check the business side of your social media so you can focus the rest of your time on increasing your productivity and ticking off your check-list. Ahh, that feels better.

  1. Wake At The Same Time Everyday

Decide on a time, set your alarm to wake you up at that time everyday and stick to it. The regular daily routine will mean you sleep more soundly and will propel you into your day calmly. Our bodies respond well to habit.

  1. When Your Alarm Goes Off GET UP

Don’t hit that snooze button, jump out of bed and get up immediately. You will be on time for your day and you can use the extra time to fit in your other important morning routines, see above: exercise, eating, decluttering, personal growth time.


+Rise Early

+Tackle Your Most Challenging Task First

+Make Time For Growth

+Exercise First Thing

+Eat to Fuel Your Mind

+Clear Out The Clutter

+Wake At The Same Time Everyday

+When Your Alarm Goes Off GET UP


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