HOW ATHLEISURE Became a Wardrobe Hero

With our workout wardrobe taking us from our desk, workout and on to dinner, we spoke to Active In Style founder, Caroline Lucey about the birth of athleisure and the acceptance of sports luxe into the fashion world and everyday wear. Caroline started Active In Style with a passion for multifunctional active wear that makes you feel confident but comfortable, bringing several sought after international brands to the UK for the first time.

Once upon a time, you would have not been seen DEAD outside the confining walls of your gym in your sweats.

That’s because;

a) they were just that – sweats

b) that was just not the cool thing to do.

So, when did it suddenly become acceptable to wear your workout clothes in other settings? Perhaps it was when designers started to team couture dresses with laced up sneakers on their runway shows or when celebs started to leave the house after a big night out with yankees caps and track pants on? Whatever the inception of the movement ‘athleisure’ we sure are glad that someone started it, I mean wearing sneakers over heels is a dream situation on any given day! Just search the hashtag #athleisure and you’ll see how this ‘trend’ is no longer termed just that, it’s now the way to dress and it’s here to stay.


“Today’s modern woman is busier than ever before, but thankfully she’s learning the art of balance. If I can do my part in inspiring her to feel great in however she moves by whatever she’s wearing, then I am happy. I know what it’s like to juggle family life and running a business, but I also know just how important it is to find time for myself, my workout, and the things that make my heart beat a little faster.”



My favourite athleisure pieces at the moment are the Cedar Tee from label Avenue C. This is an oversized slouchy white t-shirt which I can wear to work out or everyday with leggings or jeans. For smarter occasions, I’ll add a black jacket. It’s so comfortable and the gold detail adds a style edge.

My go to leggings for gym to shopping would be Michi’s Revolution Legging. This all black style looks smart and their signature mesh inserts add a style element as well as breathability for workouts.

I’ll generally select my APL trainers if I’m going for a ‘gym to brunch’ look as they are functional for all workouts and look amazing. My favourites are the Rose Gold or all black versions.

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