Fitness expert and personal trainer Lawrence Price shares his motivation tactics to help us keep up the momentum with our winter workout routines.


Do you find yourself avoiding exercise? If you’re not seeing results as quickly as you’d like, or you simply don’t feel “in the mood”, it’s all too easy to decide to have an evening in front of the television instead and exercise your arm by lifting the remote control rather than those weights.

Plan your week in advance.

Never underestimate the power of a structured training plan. Good training plans aren’t just about exercising in the correct way to ensure progression, they are also about creating winning habits brought about from structure and accountability.

Hang up that dress/bikini you want to feel and look awesome in.

This is a simple but effective method used by many people I have trained over the years, it helps to focus the mind towards the task at hand when motivation starts to wander.

Keep things exciting.

The fastest route to quitting is to make it boring. Don’t do the same exercises all the time. If they’re making you yawn, that’s not good! Instead, make it varied and keep it exciting. There are so many activities out there that keep you fit, whilst offering high-adrenalin fun; such as kayaking, mountain-climbing and beach-running. Have fun with it and experiment with new kinds of exercise.

Join a local work-out group.

Having other people around can really help to galvanise you into action. Plus, you can guarantee that they’ll be the ones calling you up and insisting you get exercising. Now that is what we call a true friend.

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Never miss a Monday training session.

Whatever may have taken place over the weekend, if you always ensure a training session happens on Monday you are setting the tone for the rest of the week. In fact, start strong, finish strong, and make sure you have a strong mid-week too.

Set Your Goals… and Achieve Them!

Above all else, make sure you set yourself a goal, and keep reminding yourself why you want this so badly. That’s your best motivation, right there! Good luck!



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Hollywood celebrity trainer and former rugby player Lawrence Price has 10 years of training experience in the industry, to book a session visit www.lp-pt.com or follow him on instagram @fafitsake

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