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Chocolate Almond M*lk

Chocolate Almond M*lk

Dairy free + Refined Sugar Free

Our flavoured organic almond m*lks are full of flavour and free from dairy and refined sugar. Slightly sweet and very chocolaty, this milk replacement is simply organic almonds, cacao, coconut nectar salt and water, nothing else. Thanks to the high almond content, it’s packed with antioxidant, Vitamin E which helps protect your cells from oxidative stress. These are m*lks made to move - for a life on the go. Pack size: 330 ml.

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Organic Almonds
Filtered Water
Sea Salt


Per 100ml Serving
Kjoules- 196
Kcals- 47
Fat- 2.9g
Protein- 1.4g
Carbohydrate- 3.4g
of which sugars- 2.9g

Chocolate Almond M*lk

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